Getting your food and cooking right can really make a big difference to how much you enjoy your DofE expedition.
Make sure you keep your food in something waterproof like a plastic bag (Ziploc bags work well). There are many options but most people opt for a picnic or larder style foods that don't need to be heated or kept chilled.
Tip: Emergency rations can be a treat at the end of an expedition, but to save money reuse the one from the practice expeditions for the qualifying expedition.
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Check on everybody in your group's eating habits if you are bringing food for other people. A lunch break might consist of a hot drink with sandwiches, pitta bread or wraps with other high energy foods like flapjacks, cereal bars, nuts, dried fruit, biscuits, chocolate bars, dried sweets, jelly, mint cake and so on.
Some teams who want a more project focused expedition have made cooking their aim and then prepared elaborate three course meals for lunch and a posh afternoon tea break with the assessor being the food critic (you’ll still need to have a full evening meal too though).
Methylated spirits flavoured food doesn't generally taste very nice and it is also poisonous. Make sure everyone eats carbohydrate and protein based foods for main meals- not just sugar, you will get 'the shakes' after a few kilograms. Go for stuff that can be easily cooked on a stove, with lots of calories, and food that can be eaten on the go.

On longer trips a little pot of garlic or chilli powder can spice up otherwise monotonous food. It should include clothes, waterproof clothing, a 65-litre rucksack, a roll mat and sleeping bag, a First Aid kit, some personal belongings, safety equipment, and food.

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