The First Responders (Fire Departments, Police, EMS) version is customized with the appropriate symbology and other features.
The Foundation for First Responders and Firefighters (F1F) is a special project of the Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF), a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  The purpose of this special project is to expand the training and grants that FSF currently makes available to firefighters and fire departments and to expand them to the full range of first responders. The Foundation for First Responders and Firefighters is taking an active and prominent role in promulgating Active Shooter Response: The Rapid Treatment Model.

Emergency First Response Certification  Become ready to assist in emergencies with the EFR certification in your resume.
The First Responder Support Application gives instant communication and data acquisition to central offices, dispatchers and supervisors. In situations where every second counts, a First Responder using LifeRing can mark an area of emergency on a map, send a report on what supplies are needed, use Push To Talk to let everyone know by voice what is going on in the area, diagram the area with WhiteBoard, and stream video while other responders are on the way.

First aid and CPR are definitely the important skills for 911 situations – just in case.

Thunderstorm safety measures
Fema alerts 2013
Supplies needed for a natural disaster


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