If your dog or cat has a medical emergency most of the items you'd need can be found in your normal first aid kit, but it's a good idea to prepare a specific kit for your dog or cat so that in an emergency you'll have everything at hand.
The weblog for the American Pet Center in NYC outlines a comprehensive dog first aid kit you can put together over time which includes a muzzle, nail trimmers, tweezers, a rectal thermometer, saline solution, an inflatable protective collar, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and a few other items.
In any event include basic information in your kit such as your veterinarian's phone number and address and the same contact info for nearby emergency pet clinics as well as the number for Animal Poison Control. This ER™ EMERGENCY READY Pet First Aid Kit contains emergency pet first aid items from nose to tail! August 7, 2012 By Irresistible Pets 8 Comments Having a Pet First Aid Kit is something that ALL pet owners need to have. The last thing you want to do during an emergency is to go searching around for phone numbers and addresses. I would also recommend purchasing a First-Aid Book for Pets that you can keep inside of your kit.
Sterile Saline Eye Solution – To flush out foreign objects in your pet’s eye or to help clean around the eye area. This is pretty much what we have in Parris and Blue’s first aid kit, but I also have something else in ours.

By definition, cat emergencies are critical health crises which require immediate medical intervention. Whenever possible, a cell phone with service that can reach 911 in case of emergencies with the phone number of the nearest emergency vet programmed is a great addition to your emergency first aid kit. Just as your pet first aid kit will contain many items which are valuable in human medical emergencies, many of the topics covered in a pet first aid class will mirror those taught in a human first aid class, like performing CPR, helping an animal who is choking, recognizing and responding to signs of shock, cleaning and bandaging wounds, splinting, assessing vital signs, insect and snake bites, etc. The time and expense invested in creating a first aid kit and learning how to use it effectively in medical emergencies can very well save the life of a lived one, two or four-legged. Cat first aid kits are similar; the only real difference is in the muzzle and protective collar. We hope for the best, but sometimes accidents happen and being prepared can make all the difference in saving your pets life! There are lots of Pet First Aid Kits on the market that you can purchase already assembled.
Creating a cat emergency first aid kit is recommended for all cat parents and may buy your cat critical time until veterinary care can be sought through a pet hospital. Check your batteries periodically to make sure that they are ready to go when you need them in an emergency. You do not need to create separate first aid kits for the pets and people, although separate first aid training is advocated for human and pet first aid emergencies.

Be sure to stop by our DIY Pet Project gallery for more do it yourself ideas for pet parents!
Many of the supplies you will be using to create your cat first aid kit will also be handy in case of human first aid needs.
It is advised that you make not one but two kits, one that will be in your house and one that can travel in your car at all times.
I find that way I can put exactly what I want and need inside of the kit….and save some money! A first aid kit for cats and people is a vital component in an emergency disaster preparedness plan as well. Many courses will include a pet first aid book – if yours does, keep it with your first aid kit.

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