Fire Chief is 3D simulation game that lets you take command of a fire department putting out fires and saving lives across ten missions. Heres another emergency themed game I will go through, called Fire Department or Fire Chief in some areas. There is a big accident in Lego City: a big truck desroy a part of the city, and the emergency squads help the woundeds. Players can fool around in six different types of jobs include fire fighter, paramedic, technical officer, commando (not the kind that totes big guns), and the fire specialist. In this game, the player takes control of a team of firefighters from the fictional Fire Station 615.

There are more than thirty missions, each featuring different challenges which must be met with a range of different tactics.In this game, the player is able to take advantage of the individual talents of each member of his firefighting team.
Fire fighters respond differently to different kinds of emergencies, Either way they keep all their equipment with them at all times (even if the emergency is they are out of mayonnaise) so they are ready to go straight from there to another emergency.
Depending on the nature of the emergency determines the speed of their travel and use of sirens. For your course I would call the non-emergency numbers of the various departments and ask them as my responses are general in nature and each department will have specific responses. Some volunteer and professional emergency response teams put themselves in harm's way to help stop forest fires or find lost hikers; others are involved with hazardous materials (HAZMAT) such as biological attacks and accidents or, if necessary, nuclear meltdown containment.

As for requirements, you'd have to be versed in sciences such as chemistry, to begin with, and have a reckless sense of existence, like cops, firefighters and cliff-jumpers.

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