Enter your address and you will be provided not only information on your evacuation level, but also the closest shelter, the closest special needs shelter and the closest hotel accommodation.
If a hurricane is predicted for Pinellas County and you live in a zone that has been ordered to evacuate, get out. Storm Surge Protector Application - Pinellas County Emergency Management’s online tool for viewing potential storm surge levels for Pinellas County properties. If staying in Pinellas seems like a good decision, plan ahead to find safe shelter by asking friends, relatives or coworkers if they are willing to host you and your family during a storm or find a hotel or motel in the area in a non-evacuation zone. Evacuation zones, on the other hand, are based on hurricane storm surge zones determined by the National Hurricane Center using ground elevation and the area’s vulnerability to storm surge from a hurricane. The flood zones and evacuation zones are determined by different methods and have different purposes.
An evacuation order is given to get people away from the deadliest part of a hurricane – storm surge. Remember, emergency managers are counting on you to be prepared and do the right thing to keep yourself and your family out of dangerous situations.
You should also be aware that during an evacuation, visitors may be evacuated prior to residents. A Storm Surge Planning Zone is an area that could potentially be affected by a storm surge of 1.5 feet or higher during a hurricane.
If and when Storm Surge Planning Zones need to be evacuated, Miami-Dade County will use the full spectrum of media and notification means at our disposal to inform residents. Each flood zone designation, represented by a letter or letters, tells homeowners exactly what the risk is for flooding at their property over a period of years, regardless of the cause.

Evacuation levels are based on elevation above ground that could be inundated by the surge driven ashore during a storm.
Please be sure to follow any orders issued by local officials in an emergency, such as evacuation and sheltering.
It is imperative that you, as a visitor, evacuate immediately upon issuance of an evacuation order. However, there are other factors involved in a hurricane evacuation order so always follow the protective actions issued by emergency officials. They will be too busy helping those who will be following the evacuation order, although they will likely ask for next of kin or an emergency contact. A home may be located in a non-evacuation zone, yet still be located in a flood zone because of a nearby stream or pond.
Mandatory evacuations are issued when the probability of storm surge is high, and loss of life could occur if residents don’t leave. Emergency Management officials have recently completed a study utilizing new technology to determine with more accuracy the potential impact of storm surge. By law, all homes in high-risk zones carrying a mortgage must be covered by flood insurance.
Additionally, Emergency Bus Pick-Up Sites will be activated to provide public transportation to and from designated Hurricane Evacuation Centers.
These evacuations will be ordered up to a certain letter zone and will always include mobile homes. Hurricane Evacuation Centers will also be opened, but the Centers should only be considered as a last resort.

For this reason, we have redefined areas in the County that should plan for evacuation and property protection, and we have produced a new Storm Surge Planning Zone Map that corresponds to this updated information. However, this does provide law enforcement the basis to remove anyone who is impeding the flow of an evacuation. A portion, if not all of the defined Storm Surge Planning Zones could be included in an Evacuation Area.
There is no single storm that would threaten entire areas; but each area in the surge zones is at risk from at least one possible storm scenario. In addition, you can register for emergency notifications to the device of your choice via the County's emergency notification system, Miami-Dade Alerts.
This means that residents within those areas will be required to move under an evacuation order for an impending storm. The Miami-Dade County Emergency Operations Center has been activated and is closely monitoring Erika.
If a hurricane evacuation is ordered, residents are encouraged to stay with family members or friends in an inland, non-evacuation area. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau coordinates with local emergency management officials to provide crucial information to ensure the safety and well-being of our visitors.

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