Benadryl or other antihistamine: emergencies are not a good time to have an allergic reaction. You may not realize you are in an evacuation situation until you've been separated from your kit. If your family hears of an emergency, they may be able to pick up your kids, meet you at a meeting place, or be ready to spring into action when they get your call, text, or third-party message. Talk to management about turning kit-making into an office social or emergency planning exercise. And here’s the best part: The emergency food supply that’s included in My Evac Pack has a shelf-life of 25 years! As you can see, these supplies could come in quite handy in an emergency survival situation. In case of an emergency, you may have to run or walk long distances in unpredictable conditions.

Discuss with your family what you may do in an emergency if they can't reach you by cell phone. Encourage kit refreshing and reward your team with gift cards to discount stores, flashlights, first aid kits or even just cater snacks while they are putting their kits together. If you are married or have kids, you may want to have these supplies as part of your evacuation survival kit. Check for brittle gloves, missing items, operation electronics, and anything else that could go wrong that you wouldn't want to face in an emergency. Ask yourself what you would do if you had to get home without the use of a car or public transportation during an emergency. Then if for any reason during the next year you are not totally thrilled with your purchase (and enjoying the peace of mind such an emergency evacuation kit gives you), then simply return the whole thing to us for a prompt refund of your money, minus shipping costs.
Create an Urban Emergency Evacuation Kit and store it at work in the event of an emergency to keep you safe and prepared.

Knowing what your actions may be will enable them to assist even if you can't communicate during the emergency. But with an Evac Pack safely stored in your car, you’d be guaranteed of having basic survival materials in case of sudden evacuation. All local radio stations will begin emergency broadcasting if there is an emergency in your area.

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