Click here to download the minutes from our monthly meetings at Harris County Emergency Services Disctic #9. The problem with trying to create a list of everything you’ll need for survival is that the list never ends.
The purpose of the Ten Essentials is to improve your chances of survival in an emergency situation. Whoever was writing the list was probably thinking of a specific survival situation, which might be quite different from yours. There is essential gear, but the requirements vary depending on the location, the weather (and forecast), and time of year.

These seven items are a powerful starting point for your emergency kit and are equally useful in the wilderness or an emergency shelter. As you build your list, start with the essentials, based upon your survival situation, for a three month period of time. Every step you take will make your family one step more secure in the event of an emergency. As my partner, who used to be in the army, pointed out, the more gear you require people to have, the more shortcuts they’re going to take, and they might not choose the true essentials. Because of the limited space in the trunk, the following list contains the minimum essentials for safety and emergency repairs.

This (your list) pretty much mirrors what I’ve got going down, only of course I have to have a pistol and first-aid kit alongside. In order to survive any situation, you need to provide your body with the emergency essentials for survival.

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