Sure Water Tanks is a family-owned, Utah based company that strongly believes in the principles of self-sufficiency and preparedness. People usually have on hand dehydrated food in case of emergencies but forget about an even more important substance . Poly-Mart manufactures a line of Emergency Water Storage Tanks equipped with all the necessary fittings needed for long term water storage applications. All of our Emergency Water Tanks are available in a regular weight version or a heavy weight version. All the freeze dried and dehydrated food in the world is of no value without potable water.

Water storage and water purification are the most essential parts of any food storage plan.
The storing of emergency drinking water in a 55 gallon barrel is a thing of the past and boiling your water as a means of water purification uses far too much fuel. Poly-Mart Emergency Drinking Water Storage Tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 100 gallons to 500 Gallons. Sometimes people for dealing with most physical advance cash advance usa cash advance usa might not ask family emergency. The Brass Ball Valve Assembly is for the bottom fitting of the tank and is used for draining and attaching a hose.

These tanks come standard in our light blue color as it resembles fresh water in an emergency situation. However, these tanks are available in all of our available colors upon request from your distributor!

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