Democratic senators have introduced a new bill to raise awareness about emergency contraception and make it available to rape survivors at federally funded hospitals.
The bill would also give the general public information about how emergency contraception works and where it is available. Ella, a prescription-only emergency contraceptive, has received final approval from the U.S. This is the first drug legally available for use in the United States that can be used within 120 hours, or five days, of unprotected intercourse or failure of some other contraceptive method. It is time researchers come up with a contraceptive that destroys sperms as soon as they are released from the testis.

EllaOne is safe, effective and readily available to women who need emergency contraception. I was reminded of this feeling when I heard about the recent decision from the FDA to allow Emergency Contraception (EC) to be sold over-the-counter to women 15 and older in the U.S. EC is meant to be used only in emergency situations, but some people have more than one emergency. The main reason why EC is meant for emergencies only is that it’s not as effective as other forms of birth control.
Contraception was created so that consenting adults could have sex for the same reasons I was, and I didn’t feel dirty or wrong for having protected sex.

The bill would ensure that any hospital receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds provides accurate information and timely access to emergency contraception for survivors of sexual assault, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it.
It would also require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to disseminate information on emergency contraception to pharmacists and health care providers.

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