The Medical ID feature is built in to the new Health application found in iOS 8 for iPhone. A user's Medical ID can be configured with a custom picture and name, date of birth, list of medical conditions, notes, allergies, reactions and medications. Yes, but the same sort of thing goes for other measures in the Health app as well: Blood Pressure (that armband thingy), Blood Glucose (blood prick test), Blood Alcohol Content (a breathalyser or blood test). Stage that Apple seemed to have missed the fact that some phones are provided by businesses to staff and that having an emergency contact for work is helpful. Directorate appear busy with cyber surveillance of Americans that it has ignored and have now removed.

After the Medical ID has been created, users can always go back and make changes at any time through the Health app. It also allows users to display an emergency contact with name, telephone number, and relationship.
Medical ID is just one function of the new Health application in iOS 8, which aims to become a centralized repository for all of a user's health information, whether input manually or automatically collected through iPhone accessories.
Apple abruptly began pulling HealthKit-enabled applications from the App Store last week, alongside the launch of iOS 8, indicating that a formal launch for Health-compatible apps would come at a later date. The more advanced Health functions with connected applications and accessories have not yet gone live, as Apple apparently encountered last-minute bugs with its new HealthKit application programming interface tools for developers.

One little grumble, for emergency contacts I wanted to set two names, my wife and a work colleague.
Anyone know why one of the most common measures of health has not been put into the iOS 8 health app, i.e. The Health app has Dietary Cholesterol (that is, the amount of cholesterol in the food & drink that you consume) but not Blood Cholesterol.

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