The idea for an emergency contact card struck me as I was writing my post about making the most of your contacts. Then I thought about all the important information that I keep in my wallet, my ID, proof of auto insurance, medical insurance card, etc.
Place the cards in a wallet directly behind identification cards, either a driver’s license or school ID.
Doing this will display all personal information on one half and all contact information on the other half. When you fold it a second time {widthwise}, personal information will be on one side and medical information will be on the other side.

For kiddos, attach a luggage tag to the inside of the backpack, some even have a card slot built right in. Most of us keep our smart phones locked with a pass code, so it would be impossible for a stranger to know who to contact without unlocking the phone.
Having vital information in an emergency can be the difference between a close call and a mistake made. In addition, I have also included a list of contacts to be notified when an emergency arises.

I am happy to make this Emergency Contact Card available to all of you as a free printable!
It takes a few short minutes to print, complete and create the photos needed for your cards, and the peace of mind you will have about it will be priceless.

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