Here we are, so diligently putting away food, storing water and purchasing gear when perhaps one of the most important aspects of emergency and crisis planning has to do with having a plan to get in touch with family members and loved ones after disaster strikes.
Below you will find ten easy steps for creating a family emergency plan as well as on online tool to get you started. Important Note: In many areas, the State, County or City emergency evacuation plan takes precedence over any school preparedness plan. Whatever you do, do not fall prey to rip-off artists who will want to charge your hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to prepare a Family Emergency Plan for you. On vacation with my family this month, we discussed how we would stay in touch in an emergency situation.

With the prevalence of social media, many people have found that the best way to communicate in the chaos of an emergency is to check in with others on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The American Red Cross Safe and Well website helps families keep in touch during a disaster. Check out Do 1 Thing for more tips and information, and start putting your plans in place for unexpected events. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments.
The more advance planning you do for disasters, the fewer decisions you have to make under the pressure of a real emergency.

When it comes to evacuation routes, check with your local county or city preparedness office or call and find out what their plans are since THEY will be the ones determining which roads are used as evacuation routes and which will not. Although a valuable tool, do not count on your phone tree to be the sole mode of communication following a disaster. She considers her sharing of knowledge her way of giving back and as always, we at Activist Post are grateful for her contributions.

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