You can create such an emergency card for yourself and for your kids, grandparents in 10 minutes.
As you can see, it has the optimal wallet size, clear fonts, red band, and contains all nessecary medical information that could be needed in case of emergency. That is why the emergency card for kids should contain home address as well as mom and dad phones, so that kid could remember them or get a quick help from police. Emergency card - is a wallet-sized card that contains critical information about your health and other information that may be needed in the critical situations. In addition, emergency card is required for people who travel to other cities and countries, children and students that spend a lot of time away from their parents, motorcycle riders & participants of other risky activities. The second option - is to use one of the online services that offer to create printable Emergency medical card after you sumbit a the emergency card form with your data.
And finally, the fourth option - is the most appropriate - to use a desktop program for printing Emergency card.
Of course, there are general rules of giving first aid, but having your emergency medical data, doctor will quickly understand what happened to you and how to start treatment.

This is actually the standard for Emergency cards, because it attracts attention to the card at once. If you do not have a color printer, you can save the card to PDF, copy it to flash drive and go find the color printer. If you computer-savvy enough and want to develop your designer skills, you can use one of the following emergency card template to draw the card on your own. Such card can have a bigger size and should contain parent phone numbers and their working hours (when they leave and come home). Emergency card - is the most simple and very useful way to improve your chances to survive in critical situations. In addition to the Emergency card in GooPatient, you can print your Health Profile using the same data. So if you haven't already done it, create your personal emergency card, put it in your wallet and carry it with you wherever you go!
Child Emergency card should be smaller in size, because children usually don't have wallets.

Finally, in GooPatient you can create Emergency Card not only for yourself but also for your whole family. You can also download the Printable Emergency Card template for Word and input your data to it.
Baby Emergency card are usually created for babysitter who remains with a baby when the parents are not home. One of the sides is reversed upside down, and after printing you just need to cut along the border, fold the card in half and laminate it.
Student Emergency cards are usually created by educational institutions for their students, especially for those that come from other cities and countries. It's recommended to print the emergency card on a color printer so that your photo was more clear and the band with the words EMERGENCY CARD was red.

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