As part of the emergency alert system, stations like KHQ are required to run the alerts in two ways. A weather alert was issued for weather events like hail in excess of an inch or if thunderstorms with high winds are expected. However, aside from the crawl and the audio message KHQ is required to put on the screen, cable providers like DirecTV and Comcast can also issue it's own alerts. No matter what station you were watching, you would have seen a full screen weather alert in Spokane if you are a Comcast customer.

The National Weather Service says Spokane receives these alerts more often because of the Mount St. That full screen alert would have covered up whatever program you were watching completely.
Comcast says it set up the system to run them in Spokane many years ago and it has not changed that system.
Therefore, if you were watching the Seahawks game Sunday night and saw the alert crawl across the top of your screen, it is because there is a federal law that requires it.

The Washington State Patrol confirms 20-year-old Washington State University student Morgan Cope died in a head-on collision on Hwy 26 Sunday afternoon. Both the weather service and Comcast say making the system less intrusive is something they are constantly discussing.

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