After all, this first test could have been a disaster or it could have been a total non-event.  I have to rate the event itself as appearing, on the surface at first, a normal, run of the mill monthly local Emergency Broadcast System test, just only a little larger. As you can see from the video, the federal government flipped the switch and after a little local blurb with a red background saying Emergency Alert System and a stutter of another video channel, the screen turned to black with white lettering.  NATIONAL ALERT jumped at the top of the screen with EMERGENCY ACTION NOTIFICATION at the bottom of the screen.
Since this originated from the Federal Government (probably in some secret, atomic blast hardened room at an undisclosed location) I was going to do some channel surfing and do a report on the propagation delay between channels since all television and radio systems have this message inserted at the station.  I was in for a surprise.

The federal government not only replaced the broadcast stations’ content with their own, but had also inserted their content into all the local providers and aggregators.  This does not bode well in my mind. The United States government has just demonstrated they now have the power to black out all the video communications any time they wish or just replace the content.  I grew up in the 1950’s when there was a fear of nuclear attack, especially when there were missiles in Cuban silos that were armed with nuclear bombs, so I can understand the need for an alert system. Comcast receives the alerts and does insert them up front and their cable box does go into a mode that only makes the warning available; all the rest of the programming is blocked.

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