What’s great about bridal emergency kits like these is that they can be taken to the reception venue and placed in the bathroom – just in case any of your guests have a small emergency! This would be heaven sent since the bridal party and I will be traveling to multiple locations throughout the day and we won't have access to everything we need in a compact fashion. I'm the bride in just 4 weeks and would love to have this handy for my 8 bridesmaids and me! I would love to win this ‘Bridal Emergency Kit’ so I can give it to my best friend for her wedding! I would love to win this bridal emergency kit because I will probably not even think to put some of these things into a kit for myself! I showed up with a kit when I was in a wedding and all the other bridesmaids thought I was a genius.
Given that my proclivity for nervous fidgeting lends itself to near constant hangnails (yech), I will be tucking my trusty cuticle clippers in my own wedding day kit next year. While I get my thoughts and photos organized, I did want to share with you a post I’ve been working on for quite some time. No special event can go off without even the littlest hitch, so prepare yourself the best you can by building your very own Bridal Emergency Kit!
Because looking in it I know with as forgetful as I am 90% of those items I wouldn't even think about needing them until the day of. I would love to win this 'Bridal Emergency Kit' because it would keep me stress-free on my wedding day and I'd be prepared for anything that could possibly happen. Since the emergency kit has everything, I won't have to utter those words or embarrass myself - at least for one day.

I can be pretty klutzy at times and having this kit would keep my nerves down a bit more knowing I have the back up EMERGENCY KIT, which is soooo cute and amazing! I am a sucker for good planning, and what a great idea to be fully prepared on the big day.
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Being the anal gal that I am (and having an equally-anal mom, from whom I learned my tricks!), we tried to cover all of our bases and put together a DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the hotel, where I stayed with my parents the night before the wedding.
It would be such a blessing for me and I'm sure it will save me since where I'm getting married is an hour and thirty five minutes from anything. I would love to have this emergency kit because it would bring piece of mind that not only myself but my bridal party and guests would have access to this if they needed it. I know for the day of there are definitely things in the kit that will be used, hopefully not all of them ;) LOL! And all the product looks lovely, I just would like something to go right my way for the wedding haha.
They're not using a wedding planner in order to save costs and since my mother was such a marvelous help to me I'd love to be able to surprise my daughter by arriving at her dressing location totally prepared for any small emergency. Luckily a friend of the bride and my fiance both came through in the 11th hour and now I have both super AND gorilla glue in my possession.

We have so many things to take with us on our next trip before the wedding, and I haven't even started to think about emergency kits for my 6 bridesmaids and I! Planning a wedding while we are apart has been so challenging, and we are paying for everything alone.
With this much crammed into the next year, I'm sure to forget some of those last minute necessities while planning my wedding and it would be a lifesaver to already have this kit on hand! Luckily a friend of the bride and my fiance both came through in the 11th hour and now I have both super AND gorilla glue in my possession. The best way to determine what you personally need to add to this list is to think about what would constitute an emergency for you… and how you could prevent it!
Make sure to include the colors of your dress, guys attire, your bridesmaids and your mother and mother-in-laws attire – with threads of those colors you’ll be ready for any wardrobe malfunction!!! This would cross that off my list and is just how I imagined putting something together for my big day.
I have actully looked for ways to make an emergency bridal kit and fell in LOVE with this one!
Vaseline – a great use for vaseline is rubbing it on your foot where a high heel might be rubbing your skin the wrong way – it completely reduces the friction!
Extra pair of panty hose and extra nude thong – that’s right one of your girls might forget hers!

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