These pregnancy morbidities can be prevented by developing an emergency plan that addresses them.
Although a "one-size fits all" emergency plan is difficult to apply to all disasters, there are common distresses experienced by all pregnant women regardless of the nature of the disaster. Women and Infants Services Package (WISP), from the National Working Group for Women and Infant Needs in Emergencies, White Ribbon Alliance. Yet while Vancouverites have been hearing these sobering facts for years, local emergency planners and earthquake experts unanimously agree that the average citizen is still ill-equipped to endure a widespread crisis situation of this nature.
I have always had one of those emergency sewing kits from a hotel from like 15 years ago in my purse and I just refill it as I use it. CODE RED BLS series One Person72-Hour Basic Life Support survival kit Note:Image is 4-person Kit Homefront Emergency CODE RED BLS Series of basic essentials survival kits are not only economical they are top quality!
Not only does the health care system become overwhelmed with medical emergencies but it also can be disrupted.
Contraception should be provided in the form of emergency contraception as well as prophylactic contraception. This can be done at the local level through a hospital emergency preparedness committee or a community group attached to the fire department or police department and at the state level through the Department of Homeland Security.
The health care system may become inundated with other health emergencies, which could decrease the resources available to pregnant women. Decreasing the number of unintended pregnancies can be achieved by providing both prophylactic and emergency contraception.

In a study that monitored birth outcomes following Hurricane Katrina, women who experienced three or more severe traumatic situations during the hurricane, such as feeling as though one's life was in danger, walking through flood waters, or having a loved one die, were found to have a higher rate of low birth weight infants and an increase in preterm deliveries (6). To prepare, clinicians should make pregnant women who reside in locations subject to seasonal or frequent environmental emergencies aware of the availability of emergency birth kits (see box, "Emergency Birth Kits for Patients").
These kits have all of the essential equipment necessary should a birth occur outside of a birthing facility. In addition to emergency contraception, sexual assault forensic examiners or sexual assault nurse examiners should be available for victims of sexual assault.
The obstetrician–gynecologist has a unique role in developing and carrying out an emergency preparedness plan that addresses the safety and medical needs of women in the event of bioterrorism, natural disasters, and epidemics. Obstetric care at a designated facility is ideal, and it is the role of public health officials in an area to designate and equip obstetric care facilities, publicize which facilities in a given area will offer obstetric services, identify alternative safe delivery sites, and arrange for the staffing of the facilities.
American Red Cross, "Preparedness Fast Facts: Emergency-Specific Preparedness Information".
As providers of women's health care, the involvement of the obstetrician–gynecologist in disaster response is essential (see box, "Physician Guide to Emergency Preparedness for Women and Infants"). Emergency preparedness is essential to maintaining healthy pregnancies and ensuring good outcomes for pregnant women and their infants who endure disasters.
The American Red Cross provides emergency preparedness checklists for specific disasters (7).
However, if evacuation is not possible, identifying local health care facilities that can provide obstetric care, discussing the availability of emergency birth kits, and emphasizing the importance of lactation are key steps to facing the many challenges of a disaster that are unique to pregnant women.

As a result, in 2005 and 2006 the National Working Group for Women and Infant Needs in Emergencies in the United States extensively reviewed most U.S.
Also, health care providers of prenatal care should increase patients' awareness of the signs of preterm labor and other obstetric emergencies and the action to take in the event of these emergencies. La Leche League International, "When an Emergency Strikes Breastfeeding Can Save Lives, Part 2," media release, September 1, 2005.
The effects of the World Trade Center event on birth outcomes among term deliveries at three lower Manhattan hospitals. To provide for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, pregnant women affected by disasters need to be assured of a continuation of prenatal care. When possible, emergency health care facilities should stock and dispense a variety of contraceptive products. Find Shop for high quality wholesale Camping Hiking Flashlights Lanterns Lights Product on Wholesale-in-China and get worldwide delivery. After Hurricane Katrina, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the 14 Federal Emergency Management Agency designated counties and parishes affected by the hurricane had a significant increase in the number of women who received late or no prenatal care. In the event that sexual violence does occur, appropriate and sensitive services should be available to victims, including emergency contraception and sexual assault forensic examiners or sexual assault nurse examiners.

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