Emergency alert system scheduled to launchThe federal government and wireless phone service providers have built a system - called Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) or Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) - that will send a text-like message to your phone. Joliet residents who sign up for the city's Smart Message-Community Alert Network can receive emergency and non-emergency information via phone, text or email.
By enrolling in this program you can receive up-to-the-minute Emergency Alerts from the Joliet Police and Fire Departments regarding immediate or pending threats to public safety or property where immediate notification is necessary.
You can also elect to have announcements, notices and public safety non-emergency information sent to your home phone, work phone, texted to your cell phone, or emailed to your email account between the hours of 6 a.m.

Please note: This is not being used as a watch or warning system for potentially threatening weather-related events. Last we heard of the federal government's Wireless Emergency Alert system, only Sprint had signed on to deliver the SMS warnings.
Using a "point-to-multipoint system" that targets at-risk subscribers, the National Weather Service, FEMA, FCC and Department of Homeland Security-backed initiative works by sending location-based messages of 90 characters or less to nearby handsets in the event of an imminent meteorological threat. The mostly opt-out service will also accommodate AMBER and Presidential alerts, although you won't have that flexibility for missives sent from our head of state.

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