In compliance with a National Alerting Program Apple devices running iOS 6 will be able to receive U.S. Source: Ushahidi Imagine a way for people all over the world to tell the story of what was happening to them — or around them — during a disaster or emergency. The Federal Government of Australia has released a smartphone application to provide quick and easy access to information about emergencies and disasters across the country. The DisasterWatch app can be downloaded for free and contains the latest public information via a direct feed from emergency response teams in each state and territory.
Emergency alert system scheduled to launchThe federal government and wireless phone service providers have built a system - called Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) or Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) - that will send a text-like message to your phone.
In using the app, people can access local and up-to-date information about what to do before, during and after a hurricane.

Consider it our Christmas present to you.More >>The brand new Newsline 9 app is FREE and easy to download!
Rather than looking for love in all the wrong places, many folks are turning to the world of dating apps. The fire department of San Ramon, CA has developed an iPhone app to help get emergency aid to those who need it. Like the fire department’s app, Sparked combines online tools and mobile computing to enlist the services of (busy) people who would like to help others, but are hesitant to commit to fixed hours every week or month. Besides pinpointing the victim’s location, the app also displays public access defibrillators on a map.

The acquisition is another affirmation that the new battery tech is a serious breakthrough, which could be used in multiple appliances.More >>Dyson has acquired Sakti3, an experimental solid-state battery Michigan startup for $90 million.

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