Upon being energized, a current passes through the electromagnet in the lock and attracts the armature plate with such force that it locks the door.  Trust me when I say that a seemingly tiny magnetic field can have a huge impact – you can heave that door with all your might but it will not budge. Since mag locks don’t interact with levers or other door hardware, there should be a separate release button mounted near the door to cut power supply to the lock. Now down to some finer but critically important details.  These locks fall into one of two categories, which apply to any and all mag locks – fail safe and fail secure.
I like to think of fail secure locks as the type of lock I would want on a panic room.  Try as hard as you like Mr. While a fail safe lock would be your worst enemy if you were trying to lock yourself in a panic room, it would be your best friend if you needed to get out of a locked room during a fire.  With fail safe locks, when power is lost from the device, the lock de-energizes and releases allowing free access.

Locknet has always done a nice job quoting, shipping and delivering quality service and products.
LockNet has saved my GCs money and time with very competitive pricing and by having guaranteed delivery dates.
The laminate on one of our doors got damaged on-site and our LockNet Account Rep was very helpful in getting us the correct information to order.
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You’ve probably heard them referred to as mag locks, as they are more commonly referred to in the field.

A matching plate (technically called an armature plate) is attached to the top outer corner of the door itself.  When the door closes, the mag lock and the plate are in contact. In addition, by requiring my GC’s to use LockNet on every project, I know that the correct materials are being installed.
In order to stay in compliance with fire code, a motion sensor or crash bar with an internal switch should be used to unlock the door on the egress side automatically.

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