I recently bought some cellphone accessories, and as a free gift, the merchant gave me a "24K gold plating electromagnetic shielding sticker", whose instructions are all in Chinese, but I guess you're supposed to stick it onto your cellphone, and that's supposed to protect you from nasty E-M radiation. Electromagnetic radiation can be nasty at some energies, but the EM radiation from your cell phone isn't dangerous.
You could produce shielding for a cellphone - but for it to have any significant effect on user field strength levels it would have to severely impact the phone's radiation pattern and would have a good chance of affecting how effective the phone was as a communicator.

Adding additional shielding, if the "gold" sheet is even real shielding, would do very little. What is a safe level of electromagnetic radiation measured in terms of received signal strength indicator (RSSI) e.g.
You don't want to shield the electromagnetic field, because that's what makes the phone work.

Despite what some people think you don't need a magnetic material like steel (iron) to shield off alternating electromagnetic fields.

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