Aronia's new EMC and RFI Shielding Fabric Aaronia-Shield is made from a patented high-tech shielding-fibre.
The Kaltman Creations-Aaronia RF shielding solutions offer up to 100db of radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation dampening. Aaronia’s EMC and RFI Shielding Fabric is made from a patented high-tech shielding-fiber.
MagnoShield FLEX allows shielding of electronic circuitry, appliances and their chassis against magnetic interference even in highly sensible areas such as control centers, etc.
Protects against any kind of RF field just like Aaronia Sheild, but offers a 1000 fold better shielding-performance and protection, especially in the very high GHz range.
Box-shaped and pyramid-shaped high performance EMC shielding canopies made from Aaronia-Shield.
The highly transparent, washable, antiseptic RF shielding is optimal for usage as RF window protection, fly screens, curtains, RF protective clothing, screening tents etc.

In particular, in the kHz and low MHz range Aaronia mesh offers an extremely high shielding factor of up to 108dB (E-field). MagnoShield FLEX+ is a self-adhesive version of the EMI magnetic shielding foil MagnoShield. This product probably by far offers the world's best rf-shielding-performance among the highly transparent screening fabrics, according to the special survey conducted by Prof. Typical applications are for example shielding of windows and window surfaces indoors and outdoors (due to the excellent transparency), construction of EMC test chambers and shielding of individual components that are under large temperature effects. Protects against any kind of RF field just like Aaronia Sheild, but offers a 1000 fold better shielding-performance and protection especially in the very high GHz range. Additional applications include shielding from permanent DC magnetic fields like earth magnetic fields, magnets, etc. For proper shielding effectiveness, the Aaronia X-Dream Grounding Mat must be used with the canopy system.

MagnoShield is a magnetic field shielding foil for screening and shielding any static or alternating magnetic field.
Consist of a 5m long special grounding band (meshed wire) which allows a professional grounding of all Aaronia shielding products like A2000+, Aaronia-Shield, Aaronia X-Dream etc.. Extremely air permeable, highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, highest RF shielding performance.
This product offers the world’s best RF shielding performance among all highly transparent screening fabrics. MagnoShield FLEX has been developed especially for shielding alternating magnetic fields caused by cables, transformers, generators, traction power, power distribution boxes, high voltage lines, electronic circuits etc., up to 30MHz.

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