Another good report on the nuclear EMP problem is this report on Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010 released by the United States Air Force (originally released in 2005). Electromagnetic pulses, or EMP’s originating in the Sun have destroyed dozens of satellites, and caused havoc with terrestrial communications systems and power grids in the past, and although scientists will be hard pressed to develop anything near as powerful as solar flares, they have developed ways to generate powerful and destructive EMP’s that do not require a nuclear explosion as a trigger. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is working on developing a weapon that employs a series of electromagnets to fire a jet of molten metal at enemy targets.
HEMP pulses are shorter in duration--usually less than a thousandth of a second as compared to lightning pulses that last hundreds of milliseconds.
The reported purpose of these weapons systems is to eliminate targets in a Star Trek-like fashion, with what would appear to be pulse of energy, and development of these systems are said to be in an advanced stage.
EMP is not the same as lightning, and devices that provide protection against lightning generally do not automatically provide protection against EMP.
Shallow underground burial does not provide significant protection; and deep burial (10 feet or more) is not worth the construction effort.
These include the withdrawal of hostile forces from contact, increased air reconnaissance, heightened activity on the part of enemy NBC units, and steps taken by hostile forces to increase their mission-oriented protective posture status.

Satellites in earth orbit that are capable of producing strong electromagnetic pulses offer almost unlimited opportunities to disrupt enemy communications and electronic devices such as the guidance systems of ICBM’s, GPS satellites, and almost anything else that uses advanced electronics. Firing dozens, or hundreds of EM pulses into a communications centre on earth is guaranteed to destroy sensitive electronic circuits and components, which means that a pre-emptive strike could win a war without a single (traditional) shot being fired. However, while the COIL laser has proven its destructive power, the problem with it involves developing a guidance system that can acquire, and track a target that is moving at thousands of miles per hour, while it is itself moving at thousands of miles per hour, and often in the opposite direction, which doubles the problem.
Because of these differences, devices that provide protection against lightning strikes may not necessarily protect against EMP effects. Also, devices that protect equipment against lightning do not necessarily provide protection against EMP (see Figure C-1). Hence, military and commercial devices that provide adequate protection against lightning strikes generally do not provide protection against EMP. Additional protective measures to be undertaken if warning of an attack is provided should take no more than 15 minutes to implement. Electromagnetic pulse is a nuclear weapons effect that can have significant impact on electrical and electronic equipment.

It is possible to have cables, antennas, and other connectors attached to, or running into, a shielded shelter and still maintain the EMP protection. Both involve a sudden pulse of energy, and both are attracted to intentional and unintentional collectors or antennas. Shielding eliminates unintentional antennas or creates protective barriers around critical electronic components.
The pulse rise time for EMP may be a few billionths of a second; the comparable interval for a lightning pulse involves millionths of a second.

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