An internal combustion engine and a method for maximizing fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine coupled  there in to electromagnet pulse drive. This can go as low as down to 1 cylinder ( after normal engine operation temperature ). These electromagnetic coils which form the stator field can be electrically connected in series, parallel or both together (compound) with the motors armature. As with uni-directional DC motor control as seen above, the rotational speed of the motor can also be controlled using Pulse Width Modulation or PWM. Then by varying the width of pulse a, the motor voltage and hence the power applied to the motor can be controlled and this type of control is called Pulse Width Modulation or PWM. At a higher frequency or with many pulses, the average motor terminal voltage is increased and the motor speed will also increase.
By applying a fixed number of pulses to the motor, the motor shaft will rotate through a given angle. Brushless DC motors can be constructed to have, an external permanent magnet rotor and an internal electromagnet stator or an internal permanent magnet rotor and an external electromagnet stator. People electromagnetic pulse motor purchased 5 or 6 and are promoting large blocks of the earth's crust the Pacific.

Energy Technology Company, Announces today issuance by The State Intellectual Property Office of The Peoples Republic of China, patent # ZL201080031937.5 of the unique Internal Combustion Engine and Method of Operation developed by Douglas Pelmear, President of HP2g LLC. The electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear weapon detonated miles above ground would zap an army’s surveillance equipment, but not without causing heavy collateral damage. This allows the air to expand making the engine = STIRLING ENGINE effect )HP2g powerplant also picks up added efficiency because his incorporated electric motor — greatly responsible for the 500 ft. The motors wound stator is an electromagnet circuit which consists of electrical coils connected together in a circular configuration to produce the required North-pole then a South-pole then a North-pole etc, type stationary magnetic field system for rotation, unlike AC machines whose stator field continually rotates with the applied frequency. Using Hall effect sensors, the polarity of the electromagnets is switched by the motor control drive circuitry. In our simple example of a variable reluctance stepper motor above, the motor consists of a central rotor surrounded by four electromagnetic field coils labelled A, B, C and D. It is also possible to control the speed of rotation of a stepper motor by altering the time delay between the digital pulses applied to the coils (the frequency), the longer the delay the slower the speed for one complete revolution. A permanent magnet, pulsed DC electromagnet motorgenerator for the production of electric power. The engine is still opening and closing the valves bring in cool outside air which is introduced to a HOT CYLINDER.

Although a UAV’s small engine could provide some power, it will take high-capacity batteries to produce the gigawatt microwave pulses. With pulse frequency modulation, the motor voltage is controlled by applying pulses of variable frequency for example, at a low frequency or with very few pulses the average voltage applied to the motor is low, and therefore the motor speed is slow.
Like the DC motor above, Stepper Motors are also electromechanical actuators that convert a pulsed digital input signal into a discrete (incremental) mechanical movement are used widely in industrial control applications. The advantage of using time delayed pulse is that there would be no need for any form of additional feedback because by counting the number of pulses given to the motor the final position of the rotor will be exactly known.
Wayne Storr PWM is a pulsating DC voltage which can be used to control DC motors.
The engine is still opening and closing the valves bringing in the cool outside air which is then introduced to a HOT CYLINDER.
But unlike other designs, HP2g has discovered a way to vary which cylinders are shut down, so that when his engine is operating on a single cylinder, the cylinder that is firing rotates between the eight in his engine.

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