Despite a pledge by city officials to halt power shutoffs, Bay City Electric Light & Power is still sending out notices.
It says shutoff notices, generated by a computer system, are mailed out when an account is two months past due. In cases where payment agreements are made, the memo states that a minimum down payment of 50 percent of a past-due amount must be paid by the shutoff date.
She said she had to fight to get the city to agree to extend the shutoff date to March 2, when her husband's next pension check arrives. When our lease agreement with the Masonic Temple Association ended in 2010, all of Olympia's financial responsibilities were current."DTE Energy said in a written statement that the Masonic Temple has “accrued a substantial unpaid balance and attempts to reach a workable payment arrangement with the facility’s management have been unsuccessful … Facility management has not complied with a recent agreement for partial payment that would prevent shutoff.

Group toured the Emergency Division that would not conduct electricity should also specify any steps.
Bay City's accounts receivable department continues to issue shutoff notices for nonpayment of electric utility bills, despite a pledge by city officials that there would be no more shutoffs this winter.
The memo also states all accounts shut off for non-payment will not be reconnected until the account is paid in full, along with other fees and a security deposit in the amount of twice the average monthly bill. Despite a pledge by city officials to halt power shutoffs, Bay City Electric Light & Power is still sending out notices.
The woman said she asked for a copy of the city's written shutoff policies and was told there are none.

Brunner said Thursday he isn't sure why shutoff notices continue to be mailed out, but he can guarantee there will be no more winter shutoffs or limiters used. She said they've been struggling to pay their bills ever since and had to borrow $600 from a family member to avoid getting their power shut off by the city at Christmas.

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