Ohio Electric Choice was part of legislation that took effect in 2001 and gives Ohioans a choice in selecting their electric provider. Prior to deregulation, electric customers did not have a choice of who would supply their generation and transmission service. No matter which company you choose to supply the generation of your electricity, your local utility will continue to deliver the service to your home or business because the delivery of electricity remains regulated.
Electric Generation and Transmission Provider: This is the company that supplies the generation and transmission of your electricity.
Local Electric Utility: This is the company that delivers the electricity to your home or business and maintains the electric system.

Electricity deregulation means you can choose who supplies the generation and transmission portions of your electric bill. All of their electric service came from the regulated electric utility and those rates were set by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Your local utility will continue to maintain and repair the poles and wires in your area and, if your power should go out, you will continue to call your local utility. Most people associate the electric poles, wires and utility trucks with their electric utility. Now there are companies that are competing to provide the generation and transmission of electricity to homes and businesses, large and small.

Customers do not have to buy DP&L Energy’s products in order to receive quality, regulated service from Dayton Power and Light.

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