South Korean conglomerate Hanwha has scooped a contract to build two gas turbine power stations in Samra, Jordan, according to reports. Samra Electric Power Generating Company MD Amjad Rawashdeh told the Jordan Times that the tender was awarded to Hanwha on Monday and the contract will be signed later this month. Once completed, the Samra Power Plant will be the largest electricity generation source in the country with a total capacity of 900MW. Kenya is to get a $1.3 billion coal-fired power station, as the Kenyan Electricity Generating Company signs a construction agreement with Daewoo International. The South Korean overseas investment company announced conclusion of the deal on Monday, revealing that it had been awarded the contract to build the $1.3 billion power plant in Kilifi county in south-eastern Kenya.

The station will generate power through coal-burning technologies, and will play host to two 300-megawatt turbines, according to Reuters news agency. Once the infrastructure enters in to operation, the power station will be the largest plant in East-Africa. The Kenyan government is currently pushing for expansion of its power generation capacity, and aims to increase production by 1,500 megawatts by 2019.
Attending the signing ceremony in Seoul on Sunday, Kenyan Prime-Minister Raila Odinga highlighted the importance of the present deal in achieving the government’s targets, noting that the plant once operational will significantly boost the country’s power output pushing the country closer to its power targets.
Minister of Energy and Power Development, Samuel Undenge, revealed this when he addressed journalists in Mutare recently.

He said the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) intended to undertake construction of a 30MW run-of-river small hydro power station on the Gairezi River in Nyanga. This would complement several other projects in the pipeline such as the Rusitu, Tsanga, Osborne Dam and Kondo Dam small hydro power plants.

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