Utility companies in Texas are also called Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDU), because (as their name would suggest) they are responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable transmission (transportation along high voltage lines from the generator to the distribution system) and distribution (transportation along low voltage lines from the distribution system to your home) of power. While all three types of utility perform many of the same functions, they are not registered under the same legal entity and are not regulated by the exact same laws. Investor-owned utilities cover approximately 85% of the population in Texas, and the retail electricity market within their service areas has been opened to competition.

There are five investor-owned utilities in Texas, each with their own unique service territories.
This new meter thing supposedly keeps track of power usage digitally and then wirelessly transmits the information to the electric company instead of them having to send someone out to read the meter. Here we give information on the different types of utility companies in Texas, the areas which they serve, how to contact them, and more.

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