Since most people are killed and injured in earthquakes because they are hit with falling objects outside, DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE! While individual reactions to natural and manmade disasters vary, there are some common denominators in young folks who experience stress brought on by emergency situations such as fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorism and the like.
As if the earthquake and tsunami disaster were not enough, Japanese nuclear scientists are warning of a possible related reactor-explosion. Unlike disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes, getting caught out in winter weather is largely avoidable. When an earthquake occurs in the ocean, two plates are slipping, which causes a release of energy.

Read the California’s Seismic Safety Commission’s tips on earthquakes and the related tsunami threat.
Consider your building’s structure to determine if it can sustain tsunami forces, which differ greatly from that of earthquakes. With the recent earthquake in Haiti and hurricane in New Orleans, people are keenly aware that disasters can and will happen.
So, in light of the Haitian earthquake and Hurricane Katrina, take time to review your disaster-related evacuation planning and tenant safety issues.
In the event of an earthquake, the elevator should temporarily stop and then move to the nearest floor, where the doors will open.

Shortly after the earthquakes and tsunami, explosions are said to have occurred when zirconium alloy casings of reactor fuel rods were exposed to air, causing the rods to overheat and release hydrogen gas.
While some natural disasters, such as earthquakes, come without warning, many others are relatively easy to predict.
In 1964, the Great Alaskan Earthquake produced numerous tsunamis, including some that killed twelve people in California and four in Oregon.

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