American Preparedness is a Service Disabled Veterans owned business that has designed the 7204 emergency preparedness kit to support four people for 72 hours (three days). How to Return: For an immediate refund (including shipping and handling), simply return your purchase at any one of our Costco warehouses worldwide. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners.

American Preparedness 2-Person Starter Rolling Cart Backpack features numerous kits including: Ration, Hygiene, Sanitation, First Aid, Warmth, Light and more.
The 7204 contains enough food rations, water and other emergency supplies, such as emergency space blankets, flashlights, water-resistant radio with batteries and emergency ponchos to provide 4 people with the items needed to assist in surviving a natural or man made disaster.

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