The mapped maximum considered earthquake spectral response accelerations for a site may also be obtained using a seismic parameter program that has been developed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with BSSC and FEMA. FIGURE 1613.5(13) MAXIMUM CONSIDERED EARTHQUAKE GROUND MOTION FOR PUERTO RICO, CULEBRA, VIEQUES, ST. These code figures provide the 5-percent damped MCE spectral response accelerations at 0.2-second period (SS), as well as at 1-second period (S1) for Site Class B soil profiles.

Where a site is between contours, as would usually be the case, straight-line interpolation or the value of the higher contour may be used. The user may also use the program to calculate an MCE response spectrum, with or without site coefficients.
Site coefficients can be calculated and included in calculations by simply selecting the site class; the program then calculates the site coefficient.

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