Japan is famous for its earthquakes and if you are in Japan, perhaps you ll experience some of them during your stay. What you should worry about the most is collapsing of the things around you when the earthquake happens.
Even if the area you live in was not hit by the earthquake this time, you can’t be too careful. Join JapanSoc Today!The #1 social bookmarking site for Japan-related blogs, news and people. If you learn a few weather-related Japanese words you'll better understand the warnings, like "arashi" for storm, "raiyu" for thunderstorm, "taifuu" for typhoon and "jishin" (pronounced jee-sheen) for earthquake. Effectively as any pet medications, insulin volunteer committee earthquake are offered on-line. Primary school students in Qingdao, Shandong province go through an earthquake safety drill on March 21, 2011. Recent earthquakes in Yingjiang, Yunnan province and Japan are driving Chinese people to pay special attention to earthquake safety.

Earthquake safety drills and promotions were organized by communities, government departments and schools in many cities, such as Wuxi, Jiangsu province, Foshan, Guangdong province and Jinan, Shandong province. Tsunamis After EarthquakesJapan is at increased risk for a tsunami during and after an earthquake, particularly in coastal areas. If you stay near the mountains or sea, when a big earthquake strikes there is a potential danger of tsunami or avalanche. While total prevention of an earthquake is impossible, the Japanese government takes several precautions for citizens and visitors to ensure minimal danger to your health when one occurs. I hope you found this article helpful and are now fully prepared for any earthquake that might happen! The manual contains Japanese phrases to help English speakers communicate with rescuers and medical personnel.
Full English instructions for using this service are available on NTT's website, but the phone prompts are in Japanese.
One problem, some said, was Japan's overreliance on the massive sea walls that were favored by its politically powerful construction industry and that provided a false sense of security.

Photos: Japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis More than 40% of Japan's coast is lined with breakwaters, sea walls and other structures, according to the Japanese government. Warning system Japan's tsunami warning system worked well, experts said, providing people with a 20- to 30-minute warning, which may have saved 100,000 or more lives. There had been a magnitude 7.5 earthquake two days earlier that produced a barely perceptible tsunami, leading many to ignore the warnings March 11, analysts said. Training Japan has a good training system and an annual disaster-awareness day, things Americans haven't implemented particularly well, experts said.
Some say wood construction should be banned in tsunami areas, a move that could reduce the use of traditional Japanese architecture.
Safeguarding power, water, fuel and telephone "lifelines" after a disaster will also probably become a priority.

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