The Rock can't save everyone when the "big one" hits California.That's why nervous people in The Golden State are running to buy their earthquake disaster kits, and one earthquake preparedness company is raking in the profits from the paranoia surrounding the "San Andreas" movie. Shelly Meyer knows what supplies she should have on hand when Oregon's big earthquake - supposedly long overdue - finally hits.
Residents of Oahu, Hawaii flocked to the supermarket in 2011 to stock up on emergency supplies after a severe earthquake in Japan set off tsunami waves. Shelly Meyer knows what supplies she should have on hand when Oregon's big earthquake -- supposedly long overdue -- finally hits.
But she's stumped when it comes to figuring out where she should store these potentially life-saving items so she can make sure she'll be able to get at them.
Meyer, of Lake Oswego, knows the gallons of water and canned food she's purchased won't do her much good if, after the quake, the place she stored them is inaccessible. The concern stems from regular warnings from various state agencies that Oregon is overdue for a major earthquake, possibly one with a magnitude of 8.0 or larger. Major earthquakes usually produce major tsunamis and those who live in a tsunami inundation zone have to think outside their homes for storing emergency supplies. The city of Cannon Beach, for example, has set up a system under which people can rent space inside storage units so they won't have to carry their items uphill in the event of a tsunami.

It's a dollar per gallon of storage space, said Mark See, public works director for Cannon Beach. One storage location is already open and the city hopes to unveil two more sites this year.Althea Rizzo, the geologic hazards program coordinator for OEM, said the right place to store supplies really depends on the type of home or apartment where a person lives. Storing them in a garage might be a good idea, she said, because many garages are built on concrete floors and therefore will be more stable during a big quake. Tyler Grant, readiness specialist for the Oregon Red Cross, said people shouldn't put off preparing for a disaster just because they don't know where they should store their supplies. The most basic emergency preparedness plans should include a 72 hour survival kit containing the most important items necessary for survival. Household emergency preparedness kits should inlcude like tents, portable toilet facilities, tools and bulk water storage. The individual emergency preparedness kits should be packed in a backpack if possible, for those who can carry one. One family member’s pack should be stocked with a camping saw, a collapsible shovel, several flares and a traveling first aid kit.
Remember to also add emergency communications and lighting supplies to an earthquake disaster kit for the car.

One of the best selling items for $34.95 is the Quake Alarm, which looks just like a fire alarm, but can detect an earthquake's sound wave before the main shock. Prepping for unplanned events by creating home earthquake preparedness kits, survival backpacks, and 72 hour survival kits for each family member will give you the opportunity to deal with shock and get your thoughts together immediately after a disaster.
Examine the following suggestions for ideas to help create earthquake emergency kits or general 72 hour survival kits.
When storing items in general household survival kits, do so in plastic containers; and make a test run by placing them in the trunk of the car beforehand to be sure they fit.
Store extra water where it won’t freeze, in 55 gallon drums or in glass juice bottles or other long term containers. Store beans, rice, grains and other storable emergency preparedness foods in sealed plastic 5 gallon containers.
Even if you don’t plan to leave your home, or are unable to do so, taking steps toward emergency preparedness could save your life.

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