An earthquake survival kit should be included in your survival gear investment.To beat the odds during a disaster, you need multiple plans and strategies.
Falling objects, toppling furniture and panic present the greatest dangers during an earthquake. Emergency preparedness productsOur disaster survival kits were designed using advice from experts in the emergency disaster preparedness industry. The SAFE-T-PROOF collection of Ready-Made Survival Kits, Survival Supplies and Emergency Food and Water, ensure total preparedness in the event of an Earthquake. One way to prepare is by assembling a disaster  kit, earthquake supplies, emergency water filtration system, freeze dried food and disaster first aid kits.
The new kits are designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry and follow guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit emergency preparedness organizations.

We offer a variety of emergency survival kits, emergency supplies for pets, auto emergency supplies and more. Similar to the Basic Kit but package it in a compact military-spec "MOLLE" modular backpack. I suffered an epic failure in a baking project recently and severely damaged my reputation in the kitchen.
While the destructive nature of earthquakes occurring in North America in the last decade have been minimal, the 1994 Northridge earthquake killed 57 people and injured over 8,000.
If you are looking for emergency survival gear and emergency survival kits, you have come to the right place.
Take a look around our site and find the disaster preparedness kits that best suit your needs.

If you're worried about your ability to put together a comprehensive earthquake survival kit, several companies have done the work for you.Quakehold! Avoid placing heavy objects in places where they could easily fall during an earthquake and cause injury or block exits. We give you a variety of lockdown classroom kits, family black out kits, essential survival kits, emergency water, first aid packs,  first aid kit for earthquake, blackout kit and many more disaster first aid supplies we hope that these products will meet every person's needs.
Finally, in case you get stranded while traveling, you should keep an earthquake kit in your car.

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