Catholic Relief Services is preparing an emergency response to a massive earthquake which struck Nepal today. He is also the author of Nuclear Weapons, The Road to Peace, the Spirit of the Marshall Plan, The Battle of Britain and Fighting World Hunger with Words from History. Spokesperson Jen Hardy says prepositioned relief supplies in India and Dubai are on the way to Nepal.

His writings have been published by the New York Times, Des Moines Register, San Diego Tribune, History News Network, San Francisco Chronicle, the Bakersfield Californian, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Buffalo News and other media outlets. Catholic Relief Services has been providing aid to people affected by disasters worldwide, including from the typhoons in the Philippines to the wars in Syria and Iraq. William LambersGlobal Hunger ExaminerWilliam Lambers is an author, journalist, historian and Charity Miles All-Star.

Early reports show hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and severe damage to buildings, homes and transportation routes.

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