The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, knows that the consequences of a major earthquake would be disastrous. In the movie “San Andreas,” San Francisco gets swamped by the huge tsunami, and this detail from the movie provoked heavy critics, because this scene is unrealistic. Despite general impressions about the movie, some things have nothing to do with Hollywood.
Considering the increasingly unstable nature of our planet, the worldwide disasters are inevitable.

There has always been someone who claimed that a massive earthquake will destroy the coastline of California. He hopes that the new movie will raise the awareness about the danger from quakes and help people to prepare for a serious natural threat. After the release of the earthquake disaster movie “San Andreas” there is a wondering whether this movie is sending a warning to its audience. For example, Costa Rica was hit by at least 23 earthquakes, and some of them had epicenters only 22 kilometers from the capital.

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