Venus will provide an important new perspective on the issue because like Mars, it has no global magnetic field, yet it is similar in size to Earth and has a much thicker atmosphere. The geographic poles and the magnetic poles are far enough apart that scientists distinguish them differently. Scientists think that the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by electrical currents flowing in the liquid outer core deep inside the Earth. As I mentioned at the top of this article, the magnetic field of the Earth protects the planet from space radiation. We now that the Earth’s magnetic field acts a shield against the harmful particles ejected by solar flares, deflecting them pole wards. I find it reassuring that there is this invisible shield that is protecting us humans, (perhaps not our technology), and has been doing for most of the Earth’s history. Matt Herod is a Ph.D Candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. AboutThe term geosphere is an all-encompassing word that incorporates just about every aspect of the earth sciences. The north pole of the magnet is near the top of the planet, near the geographic north pole, and the south pole is near the geographic south pole.

The aim of my research is to improve our understanding of the long term evolution of the Earth and the surface conditions under which the first forms of life originated through using palaeomagnetic records.
And these magnetic poles are known to move around the surface, wandering as much as 15 km every year. CMEs often follow flares and tend to emit considerable gusts of solar wind and magnetic fields. The lack of a magnetic field on Mars (generate by a geodynamo in the core), leaves the planet barren with no atmosphere or water. When the winds and charged particles reach the proximity of planet Earth, they interact with the Earth’s magnetic field causing a magnetic storm with the charged particles being preferentially deflected towards the Earth’s magnetic poles.
The early Earth was able to retain its atmosphere and water and so became habitable (with early forms of life being reported in the BGB).
Without the magnetic field, the solar wind would strip away our atmosphere – this is what probably happened to Mars.
Magnetic storms can cause disruption to electronic grids and communication systems, including satellites, aircraft, GPS navigation systems and mobile phone networks, amongst others. Studying the paleomagnetic signature of the rocks of the BGB might enlighten us about the processes that were taking place in the core, mantle and crust during the Archean.  My research focuses on the directions of the magnetic field recorded in the BGB during its formation.

Recent studies (Tarduno et al, 2010) have attempted to understand the strength of the field during the Archean and what bearing that might have on the ability of the planet to protect itself against solar winds.
Once again, the Earth’s magnetic field protects us, channeling the particles away from the planet, and sparing us from getting irradiated. More recently, in March 1989, a large solar flare caused a blackout in the whole of the Quebec province of Canada, whilst the Canadian television network and newspapers were disrupted by damage caused by a solar flare to communication satellites orbiting the Earth in 1994. Instead, I’ll tell you about the Earth’s Magnetic field and its role in protecting us against the harmful storm winds and particulate clouds. During the Archean, the stand-off distance between the Sun and the Earth could also be estimated to be smaller. These two facts combined would promote loss of volatiles and water, suggesting that the early Earth had a larger water inventory than presently. Overall, the young Earth was able to produce a magnetic field strong enough to protect the planet from large scale atmospheric erosion and water loss, it is likely that there were important changes to these in the first billion years of the Earth’s history.

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