Formulating a detailed recovery plan is the main aim of the entire IT disaster recovery planning project. Detailed response planning and the other key parts of disaster recovery planning, such as plan maintenance, are, however, outside the scope of this article so let us get back to looking at disaster recovery risk assessment and business impact assessment in detail. And since DR planning generates a significant amount of documentation, records management (and change management) activities should also be initiated. If your organisation already has records management and change management programmes, use them in your DR planning.

Typically, disaster recovery planning involves an analysis of business processes and continuity needs; it may also include a significant focus on disaster prevention, even data center migration. To do that, let us remind ourselves of the overall goals of disaster recovery planning, which are to provide strategies and procedures that can help return IT operations to an acceptable level of performance as quickly as possible following a disruptive event. The planning involved in these particular sites is minimal and only require that a space be identified for the DR move and a basic infrastructure be built. Continuous improvement is an ongoing activity that occurs at all points in the DR planning lifecycle, and can be implemented through effective programme management.

But, before we look at them in detail, we need to locate disaster recovery risk assessment and business impact assessment in the overall planning process.

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