There are many foundations who receive donations to help such people, Charities which educate the poor, charities which cure people with cancer, charities which help people in need.
This entry was posted in About Foundations, Help Children, Hogar Integral Foundation, Join the cause and tagged children in need, donations for children, Hogar Integral Foundation, Poverty, Receive Donations, Third World Children by Fundacion Hogar Integral. We give to the society by being a part of the society, giving taxes to the government and other means.

When these foundations receive donations, they spend those donations on people who need them with no delay, thus it’s much more direct.
But, giving donations and making it possible for the less priviledged ones by helping them receive donations is a much more direct way of giving to the society.
On the whole, one needs to understand the importance of these donations, and help foundations to help people who truly deserve it.

We can spend a dollar a day, which quite honestly doesn’t mean anything to us, to help these charities who receive donations from us.

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