Earl McCall (left) and his business partner, Noel Wilkins, have made a relationship survival kit for men with an accompanying book. I introduce you to its first product:Survivin' the Doghouse, a kit to help spouses survive that inevitable indignity of coupledom - being banished to the couch. Landing Earl McCall in the doghouse was coming home from social engagements smelling of perfume. There's also a 61-page survival guide that outlines 30 doghouse scenarios McCall and Wilkins compiled.

By day, McCall and Wilkins, 59, of Upper Dublin, work in information technology for Quest Diagnostics, where they got an idea for "a husband's couch-survival kit" when a colleague announced he was getting married. Wilkins and McCall's goal is to get the kit in Target and Walmart, as well as gift shops, and eventually offer variations on the original theme. Since his sorry butt will eventually end up in the doghouse for sure, swing by and grab the Official Doghouse Survival Kit for Men! The marketing of the company's first product, Survivin' the Doghouse, was slowed because of Elizabeth Wilkins' death from lung cancer in July 2013.

Surviving the Doghouse Kit for Men is clean and family-friendly fun, making it the perfect gift idea for any occasion, birthdays, Fathers Day, bachelor parties, weddings and for any individual. The Doghouse Survival Kit also contains amusing and constructive tips that help men understand why they're in the doghouse and how they can stay out of it in the future.

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