Now is the time to prepare for seasonal and pandemic flu as well as for man-made and natural disasters. The Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience (LACCDR) project is a collaborative effort that aims to promote community resilience in the face of public health emergencies, such as pandemics and disasters. With the guiding principles of connecting public health emergency preparedness with other routine community public health activities, and embedding whole community engagement into the project, the LACCDR project tests four of RAND's eight community resilience levers. This manuscript describes the initial model for the Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience (LACCDR) project and summarizes findings from a baseline survey of government public health and community organizations to document initial perspectives and practice regarding community resilience. The LACCDR project is a collaborative effort supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that aims to engage community-based organizations in providing leadership and partnership to promote community resilience in the face of public health emergencies such as pandemics and disasters. Disasters affect millions of people each year on a personal, business, local community or national level.
The golden rule for successful disaster management at all levels is to increase awareness, develop actions plans and practice them.

This article describes the planning or "vision" stage of the Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience (LACCDR) initiative, as one of three stages of work under the model of community-partnered participatory research (CPPR). To provide planning, training, resources, response, warning, coordination and information through communications to the public, elected officials and public safety agencies to assist them in preparing for, responding to and mitigating emergencies and disasters which affect the residents of Broome County. Find mitigation funding—A number of grant programs exist to fund disaster mitigation activities, reduce losses and protect life and property from future disaster damages. Disaster preparation should include knowing what these function are, who performs them and what they require to continue to perform in a disaster environment. Complete as much of this form as you can to keep your service animal or pet(s) safe in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Disaster Preparedness - conducts hazard vulnerability studies, provides Disaster Planning and preparedness for response and recovery. Some 1,097 children and 502 adults in 10 communities in Quezon City, Muntinlupa, Manila and Marikina severely affected by TS Ondoy are now organized for child protection and disaster preparedness.

Finding answers to these and other questions will ensure greater safety and success when dealing with disaster. Specifically following a disaster, education can be used to improve effective risk communication, engagement and community self-sufficiency build social connectedness, and partnerships ensure governmental and nongovernmental organizations are integrated.
Achieving community resilience means involving the full range of community-based organizations and agencies in preparedness, response, and recovery planning activities, and broadening the understanding of disaster preparedness to include community health and well-being.
Using survey data with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health staff as part of the Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience (LACCDR) project, the analyses examine the types of organizations with which the department partners and how those partnerships contribute to resilience development.

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