More than 1.8 million people in Haiti have been assisted with DEC funds after an earthquake devastated the capital, Port au Prince, and the surrounding area in January 2010. Donors gave a huge ?107m to help people recover from the disaster which affected three million people. Haiti Earthquake Appeal Protection and Accountability StudyThis report assesses the protection work of member agencies and how they dealt with accountability issues during the earthquake response. Christian aid built advocacy on preventing sexual abuse and other protection issues into its emergency programmes with local partners. The DEC – Disasters Emergency Committee – brings together 13 leading UK aid agencies to raise money at times of humanitarian crisis in poorer countries.

Since those donations flooded in, there have been questions raised about aid provided to Haiti. Haitians, with the support of the international community, are reconstructing their country. Haiti was already recognised as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere when it faced an event that would cripple even the best prepared country.
This is due in large part to the resilience and willpower of Haitians who stood up and reacted to the hand they were dealt. Dargis who are independent consultants and was based on research carried out in and around Port au Prince in Haiti in January 2013.

Concern Country Director for Haiti, Peter McNichol, reflects five years on from the devastating event.
These multiple disasters had to be dealt with on a fraction of the budget available to more developed countries.
At the time of this anniversary, Haitians should be saluted for what they have achieved, and their impetus to move forward.

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