This virtually indestructible pocket guide includes tips for exploring the outdoors as well as preparing for natural disasters.
Disaster Survival Guide by Outdoor Life is a great guide to help you gain the knowledge you need to help you through a disaster. The guide is full of information: from your basic first aid to protecting yourself and your family.
The Pocket Disaster Survival Guide provides an all-encompassing look at what we know about disasters and how to prepare for future emergencies: POwer and light sources, Water and Sanitation, Communications, Evacuation, Pets, Emergency Kits, AND MORE!
The Disaster Survival Guide is a comprehensive and easy-to-use pocket guide to help you cope with emergency situations.

This is the perfect go-to guide to help you and your family learn how to take care of yourselves through a disaster. Disaster Survival Guide by Outdoor Life gives helpful hints to help you through a disaster. This waterproof guide is light and small and is perfect for navigating the wilderness, built to endure day hikes, fishing expeditions, and camping trips for years to come. Suddenly they find themselves depending upon survival preparedness to, at best, stay comfortable, or, at worse, alive. The Disaster Survival Guide will help you prepare for that moment when the lights go out and be with you to help you make it through the emergency.

From hurricanes and landslides to fires and heat waves, this all inclusive overviews the significant damage that natural disasters can wreak on electrical, water, and food sources.

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