Begin with the advantage with our 0514 Risk Assessment Methodology Powerpoint Presentation. If you make regular risk assessments, you can make a significant contribution to protecting your employees from accidents at the workplace and work-related health hazards, thus actively operating a preventive industrial health and safety policy.
In addition, there are country-specific laws and regulations that require you to perform and document risk assessments, for example, OSHA in the USA.
Once you have checked all the data and the effectiveness of the safety measures, you can close the risk assessment. If you are planning to repeat the risk assessment on a specific date (follow-on assessment), you can enter a due date.

The data for the previous risk assessment is still available to you after the follow-on assessment has been created.
Risk assessments include analysing the possible hazard that could occur within a workplace and finding a solution in a safe manner.
You can define protection goals and industrial hygiene and safety measures directly from the context of a risk assessment. You can run a search query by date at a later stage to search for due or overdue risk assessments. If you want to repeat the risk assessment, or the conditions in a work area have changed due to the fact that a new part of the plant has been put into operation, you can make a follow-on assessment.

As the default, the highest (worst) individual rating from the analyses and the risk evaluation is taken by the user exit as the main rating. The header data of the existing assessment and the amounts are transferred to this assessment – the data for the risk analysis and the safety measures is unassessed and can therefore be edited again.

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Risk assessment analysis and evaluation


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