Designed and built especially to aid First Responders during disasters and emergency situations, such as those encountered during tsunamis and other manmade and natural disasters. Amphibious Responder is a ‘first responding’, rapid extraction, emergency recovery, mobile ambulatory,firefighting, 4X4, extreme, land & water, disaster relief & response vehicle.
Transportable by design, the Amphibious Responder can be driven, air lifted by helicopter, or transport plane & flown anywhere around the world. Some communities may benefit from grants that may go towards to purchase of an Amphibious Responder Search and Rescue vehicle. Chrysler announced on May 22 that the Chrysler Foundation was providing $100,000 to First Response Team of America to support their response efforts in the wake of the EF5 tornado in Moore, Okla.
Chrysler, through its Ram brand, is already a partner with First Response Team of America (a nonprofit disaster relief organization) which assists local responders with rescues and also provides help with cleanup efforts during the recovery following.

First Response Team of America goes from disaster to disaster lending a hand and assisting with rubble and water rescues and cleanups, clearing roads, creating a way into the community by removing debris and pumping out floodwaters, powering up emergency rooms, nursing homes and shelters and clearing home sites for those without insurance during the recovery following.
This amphibious vehicle is intended for local, national & global response to emergency disaster situations worldwide. A first-responding amphibious vehicle designed for emergency disaster situations worldwide. In 2012, Ram brand contributed Ram heavy duty trucks to First Response Team of America to enable them to better respond with appropriate rescue and recovery equipment to the scene of natural disasters around the country.
Partnering further with the Weather Channel companies, First Response Team of America is able to receive and act on the latest weather information available and use those services to preposition their equipment and personnel as close to the possible disaster site before the disaster occurs. The Amphibious Responder is an Unsinkable Search & Rescue vehicle capable of safely traversing through difficult debris-filled terrain to transport rescuers directly to an accident or disaster site; providing medical assistance, relief supplies, provisions, firefighting equipment tools & equipment.

This week, using those services, the First Response Team of America response vehicle convoy was just a few miles from Moore, Okla. First Response Team of America is supported by corporate gifts, donations in kind and donations from the public sector.

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