Failover clusteringMicrosoft SQL Server failover clustering is designed to failover automatically if a hardware failure or a software failure occurs. The following figure shows a log shipping configuration with the primary server instance, three secondary server instances, and a monitor server instance. Log Shipping An automated method of maintaining a warm standby server Based on SQL Servers backup and restore architecture. You can use SQL Server failover clustering to create a failover cluster for a single instance of SQL Server 2000 or for multiple instances of SQL Server 2000. ReplicationPeer-to-peer transactional replication is designed forapplications that might read or might modify the data inany database that participates in replication.Additionally, if any servers that host the databases areunavailable, we can modify the application to routetraffic to the remaining servers. Failover clustering allows a database system to automatically switch the processing of an instance of SQL Server from a failed server to a working server.

The primary server instance runs the backup job to back up the transaction log on the primary database. Disadvantages Peer-to-peer replication is available only in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Enterprise Edition.
This server instance then places the log backup into a primary log-backup file, which it sends to the backup folder. Also, failover clustering increases server availability with no downtime.Because failover clustering is designed for high server availability with almost no server downtime, the clustered nodes should be geographically close to each other. Because you have to maintain two servers at the same time, it is more expensive to install and maintain clustered nodes. Each of the three secondary server instances runs its own copy job to copy the primary log-backup file to its own local destination folder.3.

This configuration eliminates the potential for SQL Server 2005 to have a single point of failure. Each secondary server instance runs its own restore job to restore the log backup from the local destination folder onto the local secondary database.

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