The DRP Template contains the detail work plan steps required in the production of a disaster recovery plan. It can be used as the basis for the production of a new plan or as a checklist against and existing plan. Data Center Disaster Recovery complexity is the measure of how difficult it would be to recover the database to a satisfactory level of service following a prolonged disruption or outage.
Given below is the list of Data Center Disaster Recovery Template Packages that can initiate your Data Center Disaster Recovery project.
Outline a step-by-step process for implementing a local Recovery Planning effort based on the experience obtained and the lessons learned by other communities that have undertaken recovery planning after significant disasters affected their community. Offers suggestions for seeking outside support and assistance with the planning process and to implement the plan.
Provides methods for developing a Recovery Plan that is a flexible and usable blueprint for community recovery. The local government must initiate the Recovery program, select a leader and support the program.
Establish a Planning Team to facilitate issue and project identification, provide assistance in the community involvement process, help author the plan, and assist in finding project champions. Don't overlook the opportunity to take actions to reduce or eliminate risks from future disasters. Set Priorities - focus on projects that will have the most impact on the community's recovery when completed. There are a number of local, regional, state, and federal organizations and agencies that may be able to provide assistance in a community's long-term recovery efforts. The following represent some of the agencies, organizations, and institutions that a community should consider involving in the Recovery program.

Additionally, each community is unique and the types of impacts from a disaster will differ for each community.
This is a checklist for a disaster recovery plan that can be modified to any project. One of the fundamental elements of Business Continuity Plan is Data Center Disaster Recovery.
The best feature of Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan is that it will help you in numerous ways no matter the adversity strikes or not. This "recovery checklist" provides a planning template to communities that have been affected by the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Every disaster is unique, but there are some basic, common principles that can be applied to assist in long-term recovery. Establishing a logical framework for your Recovery program can show key community stakeholders how the components of the whole program fit together and how those components contribute to the objective of strengthening and revitalizing your community. The Recovery plan should be viewed as a 'living' document that adjusts and changes to specific needs as the community works through the recovery process.
State agencies - The state will have several agencies that can provide assistance and be partners in the recovery process.
In many cases, organizations and agencies may be eager to provide assistance following a disaster but need to be invited to become involved. It can be used as the basis for the production of an entirely new plan or as a checklist to audit against and existing plan. The primary function of this Checklist Packet is to provide a planning template to communities that have been affected by the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The following provides a general framework for the Recovery team assigned to carry out the process.

For this reason, communities may need to modify the Recovery Planning process outlined in these checklists to suit their particular needs. 1st Community Meeting - to be conducted approximately 10 days to 2 weeks into the process to solicit ideas and input on the community vision and define the issues for recovery. Completion of these types of projects creates significant visibility for the Recovery program and helps solidify community and political support and momentum for continued emphasis on plan implementation. Distribution of Draft Recovery Plan - due to the compressed time frame of the Recovery planning process, the draft plan may not be completed until the 2nd community meeting, but it should be available for distribution at that meeting or sooner if possible. These checklists are designed to assist communities that would like to undertake a recovery planning process but are not sure where to begin and how to organize their process. Public Commemoration - Unveiling of the final draft Recovery plan occurs at this final public meeting. The rising prevalence of disaster and insecure environment has made it indispensable for every organization to create standard security policy and procedures that comply with regulatory authorities.
The Data Recovery Plan helps you in creating proper backup system in place, provides immediate access to have files restored, highly confidential and critical data security, and helps in keeping the vast documentation database in order.
An important early step in long-term disaster recovery is a decision by the community to organize and manage the recovery process with a cohesive, planned approach.

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