For our personal lives, keeping our cell phones charged and maybe a spare battery or two is about the extent of our preparations. Compared to traditional on-premises PBX phone systems, VoIP offers a huge advantage in planning for phone system disaster recovery efforts. The biggest advantage VoIP offers over on-premises PBX systems is that hosted VoIP solutions are cloud-based, which means your communications services are global in focus, backed up by data centers around the country and the globe. When properly engineered, these services can reroute traffic or failover to servers thousands of miles away from a local disaster, keeping communications flowing despite large disruptions.
With a cloud-based VoIP solution, your phone system disaster recovery plan is freed from the constraints of on-premises hardware that could bottleneck your recovery efforts. If a disaster should occur that interrupts or disables your internet connection, it’s a good idea to have a secondary connection for failover and redundancy. This may be a bit of overkill for some businesses, but if your company heavily relies on voice communications for day-to-day operations, having a secondary connection is likely a necessity to protect your business and ensure quick phone system disaster recovery. There are multiple types of broadband internet connections available in most major metropolitan areas, and having two different types of systems in place for your business will ensure you have a reliable phone system disaster recovery plan just about any eventuality. If your business is currently using an on-premises PBX phone system, it’s worth checking with your phone system administrator or IT department to see what kind of backup plan your business has in place. Having a cloud-based VoIP phone system, along with a failover internet connection if needed, is the best way to ensure your business is prepared for a phone system disaster recovery and puts more control in your hands, rather than the phone company. Why Disaster Recovery Planning Must Include the VoIP Phone System - Utilicomm Solutions Inc.
Modern voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems have become the norm in corporate America, offering far superior functionality, flexibility and efficiency than traditional analog and digital phone systems. Because of the vulnerability of a VoIP phone system to downtime, and the potential impact of that downtime, your phone system should be included in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Also, keep in mind that a VoIP system is loaded with metadata, such as call time and duration, which can be used for marketing, trendspotting, cost analysis and regulatory compliance. In the previous post, we discussed why your voice over IP (VoIP) phone system must be part of disaster recovery planning.
Fortunately, IP phone systems have features and capabilities that provide more flexibility and resiliency in a disaster than a traditional system.
Remote network access and redundancy in Internet connectivity, bandwidth and VoIP services are essential to disaster recovery planning. There are also two options for backing up the headquarter server, which is used to manage a VoIP phone system and provide advanced functionality. These days, medium as well as small size businesses require the services of pay as you go IT support companies to make sure that their systems are always online. Whether it’s for your home or business, having a backup plan in case of disaster is always a good idea, and having a phone system disaster recovery plan is crucial.
For our businesses, however, whether the disaster is caused by technical or natural events, it’s important that our phone systems are back up and running as quickly as possible — ideally they won’t go down at all. However, because voice communication is data delivered over the network, a VoIP system is just as vulnerable to an outage as any computer system. If you rely heavily on your phone system, an hour of downtime could be extremely costly in terms of both financial losses and perceptions about your business. Mission-critical services and applications take top priority when developing a disaster recovery plan. By rerouting voice data to a backup location and establishing formal procedures for recovering your VoIP system, you can minimize downtime and guard against the loss of valuable metadata. Even though a VoIP phone system has more disaster recovery capabilities than a traditional phone system, you still need to plan, test and review your disaster plan to ensure that systems will be properly rerouted and data will be recovered with minimal disruption to operations.

In some instances, a VoIP phone could simply be unplugged and taken to a safer location that has a high-speed Internet connection. ShoreTel IP phone systems offer a number of features to ensure seamless communication and rapid recovery in a disaster. Let us show you how ShoreTel makes your phone system more resilient to downtime and business disruption. This support is available in a range of shapes and forms; for example, Cisco phone systems, cloud disaster recovery platform, phone systems in Manchester. Loss of an Internet connection, equipment failure, cyberattack, excessive network traffic and inadequate bandwidth are among the factors that can bring down a VoIP phone system. A VoIP phone system, with its many collaboration and communication tools that are critical to day-to-day business operations and decision-making, should be at or near the top of the list. The cost of downtime could be significant, not just in terms of business disruption, compliance issues and customer confidence, but also in terms of the valuable metadata that exists within a IP phone system. Larger enterprises often have backup systems and technology at a remote site, away from their main headquarters. Always look for the services like cloud disaster recovery platform and back up, managed Servers and remote infrastructure management, desktop PC technical support and maintenance, Cisco phone systems or Cisco Voice Over IP Phone Systems (Cisco VoIP), data centre collocation, Phone systems in Manchester, virtual private server hosting, etc. Just make sure your provider has its own disaster recovery plan and redundant paths for delivering service.
If the WAN fails, calls are placed and received on the Public Switched Telephone Network, ensuring 99.999 percent availability of your VoIP phone system.

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