Related PostsDowntime is not an option even in Tornado SeasonYour business may adversely be affected by a tornado this season, or more likely, a hardware failure resulting in unplanned system downtime.
And third, in case of a regionalized disaster, at least one data center location must not be affected. Nothing is more important to the survival of your company than assuring that your data backup solution and disaster recovery plan are properly equipped and configured. Companies that ignore Backup & Disaster Recovery put their entire operations at risk of unrecoverable failure. BCS's Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution is a comprehensive disk-based solution for business continuity needs in the SMB Marketplace.
The second component of our disaster recovery solution is the Remote Backups of your local image backup creating an offsite standby server for your organization that may be utilized by your business even if your office is completely unavailable, eliminating days if not weeks of potential downtime. We provide continuous protection for the successful performance of our disaster recovery solution through 24 hour 7 day a week monitoring and management of it’s daily process. Depending on the size and needs of your company, we can develop custom backup and recovery solutions utilizing DoubleTake, VMware SRM, AppAssure, or any number of products.

Superior Solutions backup solution is the fastest and easiest remote backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows Servers, MS Exchange and SQL Servers and Virtual Environments including VMware VSphere, ESXi, ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, saving you time and money while ensuring business continuity.
Whether it’s theft, fire, failed hardware or even a false fire alarm sprinkler incident that could impact the availability of your server, we have the solution that will ensure your business continues without interruption. Our award-winning Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery software solution enables organizations of all sizes to quickly, easily and afford-ably backup and recover any object — from block level data to individual files — with fast local recovery and total bare metal restore from a remote replication site.
When it is time to restore your virtualized server on the NAS device back to physical hardware a boot cd is inserted into the new physical hardware.
We will develop your recovery process for you and your business from the infrastructure to the end user producing an instructional guide that is intuitive and effective.
The first component of our disaster recovery solution consist of a local copy of your complete server and data.
From basic flat-file backup to advanced disaster recovery options, deduplication, and cloud recovery, Computer Resources of America is able to build a backup and recovery solution and provide disaster recovery options that fall within your budget and meet your standards. Our solution is fully redundant and guaranteed, consisting of four primary components in order to ensure true protection in the case of a disaster.

Backup alone cannot provide for rapid failover or recovery from a disaster, but DR for VMs can now be done affordably across Drobo storage or from other storage to Drobo using vSphere replication and SRM.
Once the image is copied to the server BCS manipulates the hardware abstraction layer and inserts the necessary device drivers for the new hardware. During the on boarding process, an assessment is conducted to determine what your backup and disaster recovery needs truly are.
BCS’s solution also allows for easy document recovery of Sharepoint files through the file explorer. In the case of a hardware or data failure, this standby server can replace your current production server within minutes so that your business does not experience any downtime in the event of a hardware or backup failure.

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