Spend 10 minutes with this FREE online survey and you’ll see immediately a Benchmark Score that rates your disaster recovery preparedness compared with other companies who’ve participated. Free DR Preparedness 2014 Annual ReportGet our new "State of Global Disaster Recovery" 2014 Annual Report free! Review Current Written Business Continuity Plans and Materials: This review will consist of a comparison of the present Business Continuity Plan Manuals and Supporting Materials against applicable corporate policies, procedures and applicable requirements. The joint team will also analyze the client’s current overall business continuity management planning efforts. The entire project plan is modular and can be modified as mutually agreed upon with the client.

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements.
We concentrate on assisting client management in developing a Business Continuity Management Plan to facilitate response to a variety of potentially disruptive situations faced by the client.
The evaluation program, presented herein, is designed to assess the ability of management and response personnel to complete the sequence of critical tasks, under a business disruption condition, using available resources as outlined in the plan and associated materials. The BIA is a diagnostic survey that consists of issue analyses, risk identification, and assessment of potential business impacts and crisis situations. Upon completion of the initial four phases of the Business Continuity Plan program, Prudential Associates assists the client through periodic third party assessment and monitoring of the effectiveness of the Business Continuity Plan, Level of Training and Plan Validation process.

Prudential Associates is a network of qualified and experienced business continuity and emergency management professionals who stand ready to meet any business continuity needs including assessments, planning, training, and emergency response and recovery. The diagnostic survey assists us to determine the client current capabilities, level of training, and categorization of potential business disruption situations.

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